Smoking, Past Connections

I sometimes get people who just not seem to be able to quit smoking. They try everything and yet they still cannot quit.
Often the reason for this is the connection of their smoking with stress and trauma of the past. If your smoking is linked to this then you will not stop smoking cigarettes.
Let’s say in the past a person has had a serious accident and abuse. If the brain does not turn these incidents into a memory then the person is stuck in flight, fright or freeze. Being in a constant state of this manifests itself as […]

Smoking and past trauma

Just recently I had a client who although she said age wanted to quit smoking could not.

After two visits we explored why this was happening. It turned out that over the last few years her husband and many of her friends had died of cancer. She said it was as if everybody had abandoned her. Smoking cigarettes had been the only thing that did not abandon her, the only thing that she could rely on.

Consciously she wanted to stop smoking cigarettes but unconsciously smoking was the only thing that she could rely on. With this programming in place she will […]

A Fast and Effective Way to Overcome Stress and Anxiety

In the past hypnosis was used very successfully for the treatment of anxiety, stress and what is now called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). For whatever reason, hypnosis after the 70’s was ignored or played down as a treatment for these conditions.

However times have changed and hypnosis is now playing a bigger part in the treatment of these conditions. In fact hypnosis has been described as a simple, safe and elegant way to remove the effects of stress, anxiety, trauma and PTSD. The reasons for this are:

Hypnosis is fast and does not need long periods with frequent visits.
Hypnosis is non-intrusive […]