Emotional Smoking

One of my clients came back the other day as he had started smoking. He started smoking within 48 hours of doing the quit process. When this happens it usually happens for one of two reasons: you don’t really want to quit or deep in the unconscious mind there is a feeling that there is a benefit,
After some questioning it transpired that the client thought that he wanted to quit smoking but deep in his unconscious mind was an emotional tie to smoking. You see the client was spending all his money and energy on bringing up his family and […]

I’ve smoked for too long

I’m frequently asked if I can help a person to quit smoking who has smoked for a long time. I get questions like, “I’ve been smoking for over 30 years can you help?”
The answer is yes I can help a person to quit smoking cigarettes even if they have been smoking for a long time. The length of time spent smoking does have an effect in that if a person has smoked for a long time what are they going to replace it with?
To quit smoking effectively you have to replace one habit with another. I replace the habit of […]

Smoking, Past Connections

I sometimes get people who just not seem to be able to quit smoking. They try everything and yet they still cannot quit.
Often the reason for this is the connection of their smoking with stress and trauma of the past. If your smoking is linked to this then you will not stop smoking cigarettes.
Let’s say in the past a person has had a serious accident and abuse. If the brain does not turn these incidents into a memory then the person is stuck in flight, fright or freeze. Being in a constant state of this manifests itself as […]

Lung Cancer and Smoking

One of the biggest reasons why people want to quit smoking is health, in particular the fear of lung cancer from smoking.
Lung cancer causes more than one million deaths globally each year, including 6000 deaths in Australia – more than any other type of cancer.
There have been only slight improvements in lung cancer survival in the past 25 years. Research into lung cancer is focused on developing new ways to detect and treat lung cancer through a better understanding of its biology.
lung cancer researchers are now focused on:
• Understanding how normal lung cells develop, to determine what goes wrong when […]

Replace Smoking With?

Many people stop smoking cigarettes and then start again. They may only give up for a short time or a long time and then they start smoking again. Why is this?

Your habit of smoking cigarettes resides in the subconscious. When you quit smoking using willpower, patches, pills or needles you leave a gap in the subconscious mind. It is like ripping out a piece of the subconscious. The brain not like having a gap in the subconscious and so will look for a way to fill the gap.
The gap is usually filled by you going back to smoking. You can […]