In the past hypnosis was used very successfully for the treatment of anxiety, stress and what is now called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). For whatever reason, hypnosis after the 70’s was ignored or played down as a treatment for these conditions.Stress Buster

However times have changed and hypnosis is now playing a bigger part in the treatment of these conditions. In fact hypnosis has been described as a simple, safe and elegant way to remove the effects of stress, anxiety, trauma and PTSD. The reasons for this are:

  • Hypnosis is fast and does not need long periods with frequent visits.
  • Hypnosis is non-intrusive and clients do not need to relive their experiences.
  • Hypnosis is very safe and effective.
  • Hypnosis is cost effective.

What this really means is that conditions such as stress, anxiety and PTSD can be dealt with swiftly and safety. There is no need for years of expensive therapy.

The use of hypnosis involves seeing the client for three sessions over a period of three weeks. The treatment involves three steps, one step per week:

Step 1 – removing the limiting beliefs of the client

Step 2 – empowering the client so that they control the events that have led to their condition and the events do not control them

Step 3 – enabling the client to see their future without stress, anxiety or PTSD in their lives

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