What is Hypnosis?

When most people think of hypnosis they think of stage shows or television shows. The hypnotist in those shows is usually very good and entertaining.

When people think of hypnotherapy they tend to think of it as the same as hypnosis. Whilst hypnosis can be used for entertainment it can also be used for therapy, hence the word hypnotherapy.

Go to a dozen hypnotherapists and you will get a dozen different explanations of what hypnosis is. My definition is that hypnosis is a state of acceptance and focus that causes a change of state. We all spend our lives in and out […]

Smoking, The Adult Dummy

One of the most common reasons why people smoke is that they believe that it reduces stress.
The answer to this is yes it does and no it doesn’t. When the nicotine from your cigarettes enters your system your blood vessels very rapidly constrict and your blood circulation is reduced. When you are stressed your muscles clench and need an increased blood supply. You smoke which interferes with this supply, the result is that it increases stress!!
There is a part of smoking cigarettes that reduces stress and this is the hand movements of smoking and the inhaling and exhaling. In fact, […]

Smoking, Past Connections

I sometimes get people who just not seem to be able to quit smoking. They try everything and yet they still cannot quit.
Often the reason for this is the connection of their smoking with stress and trauma of the past. If your smoking is linked to this then you will not stop smoking cigarettes.
Let’s say in the past a person has had a serious accident and abuse. If the brain does not turn these incidents into a memory then the person is stuck in flight, fright or freeze. Being in a constant state of this manifests itself as […]

Stress and Smoking

The majority of smokers smoke cigarettes when they are stressed to help calm them down. The question is, does smoking help to reduce stress?

The answer is yes and no.

When you get stressed your whole body tenses up and blood is pumped into the muscles. This is in reaction to a survival program which gives you the option to fight, flight or freeze. When you take nicotine into your body it causes the blood vessels to constrict and this interferes with your blood circulation. This in turn adds to stress. Smoking cigarettes actually adds stress into an already stressful situation!

On the […]

Smoking and past trauma

Just recently I had a client who although she said age wanted to quit smoking could not.

After two visits we explored why this was happening. It turned out that over the last few years her husband and many of her friends had died of cancer. She said it was as if everybody had abandoned her. Smoking cigarettes had been the only thing that did not abandon her, the only thing that she could rely on.

Consciously she wanted to stop smoking cigarettes but unconsciously smoking was the only thing that she could rely on. With this programming in place she will […]

Take Control

I had someone who was coming to see me to quit smoking cigarettes and they said that they were really nervous about it.

When I asked them why they were nervous about quit smoking they said to me that it was their crutch and they were afraid that they would fail.

Let’s look at this a little more closely. What they did not realise and what many people do not realise is the control that smoking cigarettes has. When you are relying on smoking to achieve relaxation, stress relief etc it means that you are giving control to your smoking habit.

What I […]

A Fast and Effective Way to Overcome Stress and Anxiety

In the past hypnosis was used very successfully for the treatment of anxiety, stress and what is now called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). For whatever reason, hypnosis after the 70’s was ignored or played down as a treatment for these conditions.

However times have changed and hypnosis is now playing a bigger part in the treatment of these conditions. In fact hypnosis has been described as a simple, safe and elegant way to remove the effects of stress, anxiety, trauma and PTSD. The reasons for this are:

Hypnosis is fast and does not need long periods with frequent visits.
Hypnosis is non-intrusive […]

Does smoking cigarettes help with stress and anxiety?

Many people think that smoking helps when they are stressed or anxious. Is this true?

The answer is yes and no. Don’t know about you but that is not a very helpful answer. Let’s look at this in a bit more detail to understand it.

When you smoke a cigarette the nicotine in the cigarette causes the blood vessels to constrict. This interferes with the blood circulation and your blood pressure goes up. This in turn causes stress in your body so smoking adds additional stress to an already stressful situation. When you quit smoking cigarettes your circulation improves and your body […]

Nicotine, poisonous even third hand

At Quit Smoking Expert here in Capalaba we realise how poisonous and dangerous nicotine is. We know that inhaling smoke from a cigarette someone else is smoking is dangerous. In fact they now call it passive smoking. I believe that the dangers from passive smoking have now increased because of banning smoking in shopping centres etc. Sounds weird, think about it. Because you now cannot smoke in a shopping centre all the smokers congregate outside to smoke, usually outside the entrances and exits. This means that you usually have to pass through a cloud of second hand smoke which exposes […]

Electronic cigarettes Yes or No

Electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more acceptable these days as a way to reduce or quit smoking but I have some serious concerns about the use of them.
If you look at all the cases there have been no proper studies on whether e-cigarettes are harmful or if they are beneficial. The most common factor that I can see with e-cigarettes is that they use nicotine in solution. Sure there are other mixes without nicotine but most people are using nicotine mixes.
Before working as a hypnotherapist and becoming a quit smoking expert I worked as a crop scientist worked in […]