Some myths about smoking

I was just recently reading an article of how a university in America was going to ban smoking on campus. In the article the writer said that few or if any people gave up smoking after 26 because it was so addictive. At Quit Smoking Expert here in Capalaba we help a lot of people...

Blogs are they true?

Just recently I came across this blog; “When we quit smoking, most of us go through a fair amount of junkie thinking – the internal battle between our addiction and ourselves. Early on in smoking cessation, the dialogue can seem relentless. It’s often persistent,...

Is Smoking Addictive?

Are you too physically addicted to cigarettes to free yourself from them? Usually you start smoking when you are young and at first you own smoking and you can quit anytime. However bit by bit smoking starts to own you and eventually it does and many of us feel as if it is now an...