In all the years I have helped people to quit smoking I have seen some common factors that have led to successfully quitting smoking. many people when they come to me are nervous and feel that hypnosis is some sort of mind control. Nothing could be further from the truth, you see hypnosis is a common state for us and we are hypnotised at least several times a day. All hypnosis is is a state of focus, every time you go into a state of focus you are hypnotised!!

Now back to some of the common factors that ensure success for quitting. These are:

1. You want to quit smoking, not you need to quit but you want to quit. Look at yourself honestly and make sure that you want to quit. Hypnosis cannot make you do what you do not want to do, that is why it is so important to want to quit.

2. When you decide to quit get yourself into the mindset that you are a permanent non-smoker, you are not a smoker who is quitting, you are a permanent non-smoker.

3. The process will work. There are no if’s and but’s the process will work. If’s and but’s just confirm that you are not fully commited.

4. You will accept all suggestions from the hypnotherapist 100%, no questioning just accept.

You see quitting smoking with hypnotherapy is very much a minset shift. If you follow the suggestions given there is no reason why you cannot quit smoking successfully.

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