I can’t seem to Quit!

Just about everybody that smokes tries to quit smoking at one time or another. They quit for a time and then go back to smoking. Why is this?
When you stop smoking cigarettes you leave a gap in the subconscious mind. The mind does not like gaps and will try to fill that gap, usually by getting you to go back to smoking. That’s what the cravings are all about.
In most cases people resort to hypnotherapy to stop smoking cigarettes after they have exhausted every other avenue. This is a shame as hypnosis is probably the most successful way to stop […]

Think it will work!

You get what you think. If you think that you will succeed, then you will. If you think that you will not succeed, then you won’t.
I get a lot of people who come to me to quit smoking who are extremely anxious about stopping smoking. They have the thought process of, what if it doesn’t work. This thought process puts doubt into the mind and reduces your chances of succeeding in quitting smoking.
What if you had in your mind, what if it does work? Your chances of success are so much better. Even better what if you also think; what’s […]

Smoking. What’s the real cost?

When people want to quit smoking the cost of quitting is often a major factor. When you really think about it the actual cost of the process to quit smoking is small compared to the other costs involved in smoking. Let’s look at these costs:
Firstly, and more importantly is the cost to your health from smoking. How much is vitality and longevity worth? How much is the quality of your life worth? It probably can’t be measured. Even if the cost to quit smoking cigarettes is $1000 it’s a small cost when you compare it to quality, longevity and vitality.
Secondly, […]

I messed up !!

I had a lady come to me to quit smoking in 60 minutes. With this program I use a mixture of hypnotherapy and NLP to help people to stop smoking cigarettes.
One of the keys to success is that you have to want to, but you also have to have good reasons to quit. In other words you have to want to but you also have to have a why!
In the course of the discussion before starting the process of quitting smoking I asked her why she wanted to quit smoking. She gave me her reasons and at the time I […]