A lot of people often do not realise the control that smoking cigarettes has over them, or if they do they refuse to believe it.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that smoking and cigarettes controls you;Take Control

It prevents you from being with the people that you want whenever you want.

You have to go outside in the cold or the heat in most places to smoke.

You have to leave people or family to smoke and miss out on the conversation.

You constantly worry about running out of cigarettes.

You waste a lot of time smoking.

You have to put up with the inconvenience that smoking causes.

If you don’t think that smoking cigarettes controls you then my question for you is why haven’t you quit smoking and why can’t you quit smoking? Because if smoking did not control you then you should be able to stop smoking whenever you want to.

If you are OK with being controlled by smoking then so be it. Like it or not smoking does control you and if you don’t like it make the decision to quit smoking.

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