Does Quit Smoking Hypnosis Work?

Does Quit Smoking Hypnosis Work?

Many people want to quit smoking and they get recommendations to visit specialists who can help them in their endeavour. The success of your quit smoking journey depends on you first ‘deciding’ to quit and then you act.  The first step is to research the many ways there are to stop smoking cigarettes.  Just thinking about quitting won’t help you succeed unless you do something about it.  The methods to research are: taking pills, using patches, going ‘cold turkey,’ hypnosis programs, tapping, acupuncture, mindfulness.  All work.  Some, like hypnosis and acupuncture, have a higher success rate. Others are recommended by […]

Is Smoking an Addiction?

Is Smoking an Addiction or a Habit? Let’s break that myth right now! The majority of smokers believe they are ‘addicted to nicotine! But, did you know, it is a scientific fact that within 72 hours all trace of nicotine has disappeared from the body.  The body starts to heal immediately after your last cigarette.

Smoking Addiction or Habit

The Myth of  Smoking being Addictive was circulated by the tobacco companies to ‘trick’ smokers into believing they could not quit smoking cigarettes.  Smokers have been convinced that it is very hard, if not impossible, to stop smoking. In fact, two […]

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Brisbane: Does It Really Works?

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Brisbane: Does It Really Works?

Most smokers are already aware that they shouldn’t do it. Thanks to the bundles of information around us. Every message clearly states that direct harm is caused by smoking. It affects our body, vital organs, and overall health.

The secondary damages are passive smoking for the people around smokers and the cost associated when buying cigarette packets or treating complications caused by smoking. The answer to all this is a visit to Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy In Brisbane. Most smokers think giving up smoking isn’t easy but once they investigate using hypnosis they are surprised at how easy it is.

How proper hypnosis […]

Why Do Smokers Don’t Like The Word “Quit Smoking”?

Why Do Smokers Don’t Like The Word “Quit Smoking”?

There is a scientific reason behind, when it comes to finding the answer for this question. Smokers don’t like the word “Quit Smoking” because it’s simple and most smokers have been ‘convinced’ qutting is hard!  Smokers know nicotine is addictive, but what they don’t realise is the sugar in cigarettes is far more addictive and that is what causes their cravings and withdrawal symptoms.   Sugar is similar to heroin or cocaine as an addictive substance.

Cigarettes are Too Easy to Buy

Adults can stroll into a drug store and get a pack of cigarettes even though it is a known drug and […]


At Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes a lot of people come to see us in our Capalaba offices to quit smoking.
It’s when I ask the question of what do you get from smoking that I get some very common excuses. In the persons mind these are valid excuses but at the end of the day these excuses if not addressed can keep someone smoking. Here are some of the most common excuses:
• It’s a crutch, something that is always there for me. If someone were to come to you and say “I’ve got this great deal for you. The deal is […]

Smoking Is My Friend

I’ve recently had a few people that have come to me at quit smoking in 60 minutes in Capalaba that have told me that smoking is like a friend to them. It is always there and they can get comfort from it.
This is seriously flawed thinking. Smoking will shorten your life, it is often a slow and miserable way to die, it increases your chance of stroke, it increases your chance of cancer and heart disease plus many other things. If you knew someone that would slowly and surely kill you would you be friends with them? Of course the […]