I’ve recently had a few people that have come to me at quit smoking in 60 minutes in Capalaba that have told me that smoking is like a e-cigarettefriend to them. It is always there and they can get comfort from it.
This is seriously flawed thinking. Smoking will shorten your life, it is often a slow and miserable way to die, it increases your chance of stroke, it increases your chance of cancer and heart disease plus many other things. If you knew someone that would slowly and surely kill you would you be friends with them? Of course the answer is no. By regarding smoking as a friend you are buying into a friendship that will kill you, usually slowly and miserably. Nobody would buy into this type of a friendship if smoking was not concerned. You would avoid it like the plague!
When you are quitting smoking you need to get out of this flawed thinking that smoking is your friend. You need to change your mind set to smoking is a deadly enemy and should be avoided at all costs.

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