I feel like an outcast!

These days it’s getting harder and harder to smoke. Not only are there regulations on where you can smoke but society itself regards smoking as seriously anti-social.

More and more people are shying away from people that smoke, almost as if they are outcasts. This attitude is having an impact on smokers in two ways;

They are quitting smoking as they feel left out. It’s quite ironic because usually people started smoking to fit in.
They ignore what society is saying and continue to smoke cigarettes as an act of defiance.

Although smoking is a bad habit I don’t always agree with the way […]

Tips on How to Quit Smoking and Save Money

Calculate the Cost Savings

Work out how much you’d spend on cigarettes in a month.  Have a look at our Investment page to see how much you would save daily, weekly monthly or yearly if you quit smoking now. Quitting can also help you save for some more substantial purchases surprisingly quickly.  By giving up smoking, your extra cash can build up over a relatively short period of time and start to make a real difference.    Set up a new savings account that you can keep separate from your everyday account, and transfer your sum into it once a month (possibly […]