Does Smoking affect your skin?

Are you a smoker with an “it won’t happen to me” mindset? If the state of your health is not enough to stop you, is the price of your good looks?

It’s a fact — apart from sun damage, smoking ages the skin faster than anything else. So why are so many still lighting up?

Smoker’s face

The term was coined by medical dictionaries in the ’60s to describe the ageing effect cigarette smoke has on the skin. Wrinkles, a grey, lifeless complexion and bony contours were the words used — surely enough to scare off any potential smokers? Apparently not: 27 […]

Why Do You Smoke?

People smoke because the act of smoking is personally meaningful to them. When quitting it is useful to explore the reasons and benefits of smoking. Ask the following questions:
1. How will smoking help or change this situation?
2. What situations make you smoke more?
3. What emotion or feeling am I trying to avoid or deny?
4. If I were not to smoke now,what would I feel? How would I handle that feeling?
5. What would I do with the energy that is freed up from quitting smoking?
6. What do I get from not smoking?
The most important factor in quitting smoking is a genuine […]

Why Do People Smoke

When quitting smoking it is important to understand why you smoke. People smoke for the following reasons:

1. Lifestyle Coping Tool : Smoking can be used as a way to suppress uncomfortable feelings and alleviate stress, calm nerves and to relax. It can also be a way of taking time out from a situation.

2. Tranquliser: Smokers with emotional stress or chronic pain often turn to smoking as an attempt to treat pain. There is some evidence that nicotine can soothe pain, mental and physical through working on the pleasure centres of the brain.

3. Feel Good: Nicotine works on the pleasure centres of […]