I can’t make you

Recently I was talking to a friend of mine who said to me that he would never allow hypnosis as he was putting control of his life into the hands of the hypnotherapist. Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that you cannot be made to do something that you do not...

Who’s in Control?

I ask all the people that come to me to quit smoking if they think that smoking and cigarettes controls them. It’s amazing how many people tell me that their smoking habit does not control them. They then proceed to tell me how they have to go to special places to smoke, they...

How to get the best out of Hypnosis

When hypnosis is used to quit smoking it is obvious that for it to succeed the customer has to go into trance and trust the hypnotist. Despite this customers will still resist or doubt and if this occurs there is a very real chance that they will start smoking again. Here are a...