Breaking cigaretteIf you want to quit smoking or you are considering quitting it is wise to be very clear on why you want to quit and what you want by quitting. At Quit Smoking in 60 minutes in Capalaba I always take time to find this out as it helps to keep you focused on quitting smoking.
I suggest that before you come to a quit smoking session you first write down a list of why you want to quit. This will give you greater clarity and resolve. It is surprising the number of people that come to me to quit smoking and only have a vague idea of why they want to quit. They may say that it is time, this is great but why is it time? Get specific and clear on why you want to quit and it will be so much easier.
Another list that I encourage you to write is how you see yourself and your life without smoking. What is it that you want? Again be specific about this. If it is health, what is it about health? Do you want to breathe easier, be fitter, be specific. To balance this write another list of what you do not want by continuing to smoke. What don’t you want in your life.
When you are sure of why you want to quit and when you have a clear vision of what your life is going to look like as a permanent non-smoker then the process of quit smoking becomes much easier.

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