At the moment the jury is out about if e cigarettes are safe or not. Here’s something I’d like you to consider, but before that a little information on nicotine.

Nicotine is extremely poisonous and it is only the fact that your body heat causes a change in molecular structure that prevents it from killing you. Nicotine has been used for many years to produce some very effective pesticides so that gives you some idea of how poisonous it can be.Electronic cigarette

When you inhale nicotine it causes your blood vessels to constrict and this interferes with your blood circulation. Reduced blood circulation means that your body does not get the proper amount of nutrients from your bloodstream.

From this it is logical to say that if you are inhaling nicotine from smoking cigarettes or e cigarettes it’s harmful to you. Any system that allows you to inhale nicotine be it, cigarettes, e cigarettes or pipes is harmful to you.

One of the arguments for e cigarettes is that they do not contain all the other harmful chemicals that cigarettes do so they are healthier. I agree that there are less harmful chemicals but the fact is that if you are inhaling nicotine it is harmful.

There are also mixtures for e cigarettes that do not contain nicotine and this is where there is a lot of doubt about whether these are safe. My view is that when you are inhaling other substances you are adding to the cocktail of pollutants that you inhale every day. Why add to them?

I’m sure that there are people who will quit smoking with e cigarettes but for me I wonder if the act of smoking with e cigarettes may lead to smoking real cigarettes. As I say the jury is out on this.

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