I had a client that told me that her brother made her smoke cigarettes. She said that he was smoking and insisted that she smoke as well.

The question is, did he really make her smoke cigarettes? For me the answer is no. we all have choices and I would suggest that it was her choice to smoke. She could have just as easily chosen not to smoke!

Tick And Cross Symbols In Front Show Choice Or Decision

It seems to me that these days’ people do not want to accept the consequences of their choices. It’s much easier to blame someone else. It’s not my fault, its somebodies fault seems to be the norm.

At the end of the day you choose to smoke cigarettes and therefore you by fault choose to accept the consequences of smoking. These consequences can be severe in the form of cancer, heart disease and an early and miserable death.

On the other side if you choose to quit smoking you will also have consequences. The consequences of choosing to stop smoking cigarettes is that your health improves, you live longer and the chances of dying miserable are reduced considerably.

In everything you always have a choice, nobody makes you. You choose and by doing this you choose to take the consequences of your choice, good or bad.

Quitting smoking is all about choice. Choose to stop smoking and you choose the consequences of that action. Choose to smoke and you choose to take the consequences of that action. It is up to you!

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Stephen Gardiner originates from Rhodesia, (Zimbabwe) then working around the globe before finally settling in Brisbane Australia. As a scientist, Steve always had an interest in human development, especially Mind Plastisicity and how we cope with stress, anxiety and addictive behaviours. Over the past 15 years Steve has assisted many clients to transform their lives by resolving the obstacles holding them back.

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