Imagine you won $7,500

Imagine this:

You’ve just won $7,500. Quite a sum of money. But what are you going to spend it on? But here’s the catch – I’ll give you only two options:

Family holiday at the beach

Family holiday at the beach        

One year of cigarettes – health deteriorating, etc









It should be an easy choice and at first glance you’d probably reach for the holiday, but in reality, you choose the cigarettes each and every day. They hold onto you, or at least that’s how it feels. 

The idea of giving up cigarettes even for a year to get $7,500 in the bank is a daunting one, in the same way it is daunting for someone to quit alcohol. You know the benefits are there. For health, for family, for money, but still… But this is one exercise you can use to help you start the quitting process.  

Imagine what else is important to you, what else can you see yourself spending that money on, even if it is say your mortgage?  Take those things – call them part of your quit smoking rewards – your financial rewards and use them – as motivation.

You can add these to your goal board – a visual representation of where you want to be.


As an example and a way to get you started here are some things that equate to $7,500


  • A brand new 70-inch tv and sound system:  $3,500 – $7,500
  • An outdoor deck, new outdoor setting and shade sail:  $7,500
  • A deposit on a swimming pool – quit for four years and your pool is paid for
  • 8 nights for a family fo4 at a luxury resort in Bali including flights.


  • How many dinners out with the family could you factor in?
  • How many trips to movie world or Dreamworld?
  • How many live concerts or rugby games can you factor into your wish list?


It’s your quit smoking wish list afterall. 

Have fun making your list.

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