So you want quit smoking?

'Stop' words next to a cigarette. Stop Smoking.

So you want to quit smoking? The good news is that you’re not alone. There are thousands of people every day who want to quit. But what will set you apart from everyone else? What will help you succeed? Success in quitting is all within your control and with the right support network and an understanding of why you smoke in the first place, you can absolutely be done with tobacco for good. Our Quit smoking Programme is based in South East Queensland, in the suburb of Capalaba. But if you are not nearby our online programme also works to help you quit.  

We use Hypnotherapy to help you stop smoking. We support you to achieve a smoke-free life for the benefit of you, your family and your finances. But how does hypnotherapy help you quit smoking? Hypnosis is a  clinically proven method to help you stop smoking. It creates a heightened focussed state. When it comes down to it, you are curing yourself of your smoking addiction. When we think of hypnosis we often think of something voodoo-like, something mysterious, something some of us might be wary to trust. But hypnosis for therapy is a real and supported scientific approach to treating many issues we have today. It is used to help survivors of abuse and domestic violence. It helps others with PTSD, as well as those with eating disorders. Why? Because the mind is where we hold our trauma and addictions.


We tend to think of our need for things as physical. 

“I need to smoke because I need to relax”. 

“Smoking is my alone time”.

“Smoking keeps me slim”. 

These reasons for smoking may seem and ’feel’ physical but they are mental. We find reasons to excuse our smoking when smoking truthfully holds us back from experiencing the best of life. 


If you’re ready to quit then book with us for a consult. 


If you’re not quite ready, book with us to discuss why. We’re ready to help you and have helped thousands of people quit. It’s why we are here.

The best time to quit was yesterday. The second best time is today. If you are in the Brisbane area and surrounds, contact us to get started.


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