Think it will work!

You get what you think. If you think that you will succeed, then you will. If you think that you will not succeed, then you won’t.
I get a lot of people who come to me to quit smoking who are extremely anxious about stopping smoking. They have the thought process of, what if it doesn’t work. This thought process puts doubt into the mind and reduces your chances of succeeding in quitting smoking.
What if you had in your mind, what if it does work? Your chances of success are so much better. Even better what if you also think; what’s […]

Smoking Sends Your Love Life Up in Smoke

For much of the last century, smoking was highly glamorised in glossy magazines, billboards and movies. Rugged, chain-smoking sex symbols like the ‘Marlboro Man’ suggested that sucking away on a cigarette could make men attractive to the opposite sex — and for many years they were right.

These days things are different. There’s nothing sexy about bad breath, stained fingernails and a total disregard for your partner’s lungs. Read on to find out just how smoking can send your love life up in smoke.

Your partner’s health

Remember, your smoking doesn’t only affect your health but the health of those you love too. […]

Set Yourself Up for Success

People who want to quit smoking often want to but set themselves up for failure, this may be consciously or unconsciously.

When people came to me at Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes in Capalaba they can tell me all the reasons why they want to quit smoking but very few reasons why they cannot quit smoking.

In their minds they see that smoking is a crutch or a friend. Many people see that smoking is a way to help them destress. I have had many people from the Cleveland, Wynnum and Manly areas say to me that they cannot handle a stressful […]