Your Smoking Supports Me

I recently had a woman who came to see me to quit smoking. She was prone to skin cancers and had decided to quit smoking. She decided that she would quit by willpower and to do this chose not to be around her husband when he smoked. Usually they would go outside and talk and smoke together but now she chose not to go outside with her husband and smoke.
Her husband had countered this strategy by saying that by not smoking with him she was not supporting her; he said “how can you give up smoking when I am so […]

Set Yourself Up for Success

People who want to quit smoking often want to but set themselves up for failure, this may be consciously or unconsciously.

When people came to me at Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes in Capalaba they can tell me all the reasons why they want to quit smoking but very few reasons why they cannot quit smoking.

In their minds they see that smoking is a crutch or a friend. Many people see that smoking is a way to help them destress. I have had many people from the Cleveland, Wynnum and Manly areas say to me that they cannot handle a stressful […]