Smoking Triggers

I always tell my clients at quit smoking in 60 minutes in Capalaba that their smoking is a habit. This is proved by the fact that everyone who smokes associates the act of smoking with the things that they do in their day and lives. There are certain things that trigger off the...


I was recently talking to someone who has quit smoking and they were remarking on the mind chatter that is going on. They said that it was constant and whilst it seemed to go away when they were busy the moment they were not the mind chatter came back and it was really hard to...

Old Habits Die Hard

Smoking is a habit and not an addiction. It’s often a strong habit as it is often associated with fitting in and survival. Pavlov was a Russian psychologist that trained dogs by ringing a bell when he fed them. Eventually he got to the stage that when he rang the bell the dogs...

Tipping Point

It’s important to have reached the tipping point when you want to quit smoking. Not the physical tipping point where your body has been damaged and you need to quit! The mental tipping point when you feel ready, the point when your want to outweighs your need to. A lot of people...

Time Out

Everybody who smokes connects the act of smoking with some activity in their life, these are called triggers as they are the activities that trigger a person to smoke. A lot of people that I see tell me that one of the triggers for them to smoke is to have time out. Taking the...

Smoking and Triggers

Smoking is often associated with an activity in life. In other words people will smoke when they are doing certain tasks, these are called triggers. To Quit Smoking successfully these triggers have to be identified and then broken. A common way of breaking smoking triggers or...