ValuesAt Quit Smoking Expert in Capalaba I am often asked the question by women of why they were able to quit smoking when they were pregnant and then took it up after the baby was born.
This is all about your values and where they stand on your hierarchy list. You will live your life according to your values. The higher something is on your values hierarchy the easier it is to accomplish and you will not procrastinate. When a woman falls pregnant the value of health often rises up the list of values and often becomes the top value. The reason for this is that everybody wants to have a healthy baby and to have a healthy baby you have to be healthy. This is why that people often quit smoking very easily when they find out that they are pregnant.
Once the baby is born a lot of women go back to smoking. Again the reason is all about where the value of health is on the hierarchy. The baby gets born and the value of health drops and so does the motivation to stop smoking drop. The lower something is on your values the harder it becomes to accomplish.
If you really want to quit smoking I suggest that you first find out what your values are. At quit smoking expert we have a simple exercise to accomplish this. If health is not in your top five you will need to raise the value of health, this can be accomplished by linking breathing fresh air rather than smoking with your top value. Do this and the process of quitting smoking becomes much more easily.

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