A very common thing that I have when people come to me to quit smoking cigarettes is, it’s my thing or it is like a friend for me in that it is always there. Let’s take a closer look at this, it’s brutal but you can’t sugar coat it.
We all like a fair deal in life. If you were asked to enter a deal where you were going to get nothing and the other person was to get everything you would probably not enter into the deal. It’s not a fair deal. Here’s the deal with smoking. For what you perceive is a benefit, it calms me, it’s always there for me or it gives me time out does not cancel out the other side of smoking. Your life will be shorter and you will probably not have a pleasant death. It’s not a fair deal in any bodies language!
Would you make friends with someone that would slowly and surely kill you? The answer is of course no. this is the friendship that you have with smoking cigarettes. As I said it’s brutal but that is what it is.
It makes so much sense to stop smoking. It’s that time of year where we make resolutions so why not make the decision to quit smoking and be successful at it?

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