You Set Your Boundaries

When we are born we all have the same abilities. If this is so why do some of us rise to the top of success and others of us do not. The answer is that we set the boundaries of what we can and cannot do. These boundaries are being set from the moment we are born and they are often as a result of fear.
Fear is both a positive and negative thing. It sets the flight response in us and gets us to move away from a potential dangerous situation or it can paralyse us and prevent us from […]

Allow yourself to go into Trance

Just recently I was working with a customer who was finding it really hard to go into trance to quit smoking. He would allow himself to go into a light trance but when it came to going into a deeper trance he would not allow it to happen. When we explored trance and knew that he was going into trance and did not have to quit smoking he allowed himself to go into deep trance. After talking about this I found out that he has a fear of withdrawal symptoms. In the past he has given up but by the […]