Before you Quit smoking with hypnotherapy, it is a good idea to get clear in your mind why you smoke. If you are clear on this, you can then inform the hypnotherapist, who can then customise the quit process for you.
For many people, smoking is a lifestyle coping tool. Although every person’s specific reasons for smoking are unique, they all share a common theme. Smoking is used as a way to suppress uncomfortable feelings, and smoking is used to alleviate stress, calm nerves and relax. Knowing why you smoke is the first step towards Quitting. Below is a list of why people smoke. Check them and see what reasons apply to you:
. Coping with anger, stress, anxiety and sadness
. Smoking is pleasant and relaxing
. Acceptance – being part of a group
. As a way to socialise
. Provides support when things go wrong
. A way to get time out
. A way to look confident and in control
. Keep weight down
. Rebellion – defining one’s self as different or unique
. Something to do with your mouth or hands
. A way to get attention
. A way to change states
. Marking the end or beginning of something

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Stephen Gardiner originates from Rhodesia, (Zimbabwe) then working around the globe before finally settling in Brisbane Australia. As a scientist, Steve always had an interest in human development, especially Mind Plastisicity and how we cope with stress, anxiety and addictive behaviours. Over the past 15 years Steve has assisted many clients to transform their lives by resolving the obstacles holding them back.

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