Many of us dream(visualise) of what sort of holidays, house, life we want but very few of us dream of how it is going to be when we quit smoking cigarettes.dream
Sure we may dream after quitting but how many of us dream before we decide to stop smoking . We get what we think about. Think about succeeding at quitting smoking cigarettes and it will happen, think about not succeeding and it will also happen.
What I am getting at is that if you want to increase your chances of quitting smoking then start thinking of yourself as a non- smoker before even attempting to quit.
Take time off every day before quitting to visualise yourself as a non-smoker and how your life is going to change. Don’t do it for a day or two but for every day before you quit smoking and for every day after you stop smoking cigarettes.
If you can be a non-smoker in your mind before attempting to quit smoking then your chances of succeeding rise dramatically. You never know you may even succeed in stopping smoking with just the visualisation.
This can happen but in the majority of cases you are going to need some help to get over the line. Once you do this it is vital that you dream every day of how your life is as a non-smoker.
You get what you think about and it’s your choice of what you think about. Combine hypnosis with what you have been imagining and you have a very powerful way to stop smoking cigarettes.

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