I had a client recently who came to me to quit smoking using hypnosis, he said he had been waiting ages to do it. When I asked him why he said that he lived in the country and this was the first time he had been able to get into the city to see me. I told him that we could have done the session to quit smoking over the internet and there was no need to see me face to face.

Believe it or not but hypnosis over the internet is very effective. This is because when doing this the client is asked to wear headphones or earbuds. This means that the hypnotist’s voice is in their head. There are no outside noises and so no distractions and therefore the suggestions to quit smoking cigarettes are more powerful.

To ensure success using the internet you must make sure that there are no outside distractions in the place where you are. I remember a client who’s cat climbed on the desk when we were halfway through the process. The cat then proceeded to walk over the keyboard and connection was lost.

Another vital component to success is to use a program that is stable. For many years I used Skype but found it too unstable especially when my camera and the client’s camera was on. I now use Zoom and that problem is eliminated.

So if distance is a problem and you are ready to stop smoking, don’t wait, phone and organise to quit smoking cigarettes over the internet. It’s effective and you can stop smoking cigarettes in the comfort of your own home.
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