Often people who come to quit smoking using hypnosis think that it is up to the hypnotherapist to make them stop smoking. The only person who can make change in your life is you.

You can help to make the process of quit smoking more powerful by imagining the ‘result you want!’ Notice I have not said visualising. Visualising is all about bringing a picture up into your mind. If you are like me, and most are, it’s really hard to bring up a clear picture in my mind.

Imagining is all about feeling and being in the event. You can imagine the colours, sounds but above all the feeling. Imagine the feeling of what it is going to be like after you stop smoking cigarettes. Imagine how healthy you are going to be after you have quit smoking cigarettes.

The more richly you imagine in hypnosis the better the result. This is why I never ask you to visualise, but I do ask you to imagine and feel. It’s all theatre of the mind.

So if you have decided that you are ready and want to quit smoking and that you are going to use hypnosis to help you quit, be prepared to imagine and feel.

The more you imagine the result you want and imagine living your life as a non-smoker, the more you will realise the hypnosis session is just a formality! It’s that easy

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