I had somebody the other day come to see me to stop smoking cigarettes. He told me that the reason he wanted to quit smoking cigarettes is that he had, had a health check and they told him if he continued to smoke cigarettes he would not be able to do his job which he loved.

Sounds like a really good reason to quit smoking, right? This is when I then asked him a really crucial question. If cigarettes were free would you still smoke them? His answer was, well if they were free I probably would because I like smoking.

If I were to do quit smoking with this person it would probably not work. The reason for this is that this person had got the need to stop smoking mixed up with the want to stop smoking. Yes he needed to quit smoking as he might not be able to do his job. However he did not really want to quit smoking.

The difference between need and want might sound small but it is crucial. To succeed in quit smoking you have to want to quit. You have to be at the stage where smoking is doing nothing for you and you are fed up with doing it. Your want has to be bigger than your need to stop smoking!

So if you have decided that you want to stop smoking cigarettes make sure that you really want to quit, not that you need to. When you want to you are already halfway there.

Its like most thing in life, you have to want to.

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