Quitting due to Societal Pressure

There is a lot of pressure from society for people to quit smoking. People are being ostracised and it is getting harder and harder to find a place to smoke. Apart from this the cost of smoking cigarettes is getting more and more.

I have a friend who says that he really enjoys smoking, he says that it is his special something and that he does not want to give up. His family frequently put pressure on him to stop smoking and he says at times he feels that he is almost being bullied.

If you enjoy smoking cigarettes and you decide […]

Stress and Smoking

The majority of smokers smoke cigarettes when they are stressed to help calm them down. The question is, does smoking help to reduce stress?

The answer is yes and no.

When you get stressed your whole body tenses up and blood is pumped into the muscles. This is in reaction to a survival program which gives you the option to fight, flight or freeze. When you take nicotine into your body it causes the blood vessels to constrict and this interferes with your blood circulation. This in turn adds to stress. Smoking cigarettes actually adds stress into an already stressful situation!

On the […]

I can’t seem to Quit!

Just about everybody that smokes tries to quit smoking at one time or another. They quit for a time and then go back to smoking. Why is this?
When you stop smoking cigarettes you leave a gap in the subconscious mind. The mind does not like gaps and will try to fill that gap, usually by getting you to go back to smoking. That’s what the cravings are all about.
In most cases people resort to hypnotherapy to stop smoking cigarettes after they have exhausted every other avenue. This is a shame as hypnosis is probably the most successful way to stop […]

Smoking. What’s the real cost?

When people want to quit smoking the cost of quitting is often a major factor. When you really think about it the actual cost of the process to quit smoking is small compared to the other costs involved in smoking. Let’s look at these costs:
Firstly, and more importantly is the cost to your health from smoking. How much is vitality and longevity worth? How much is the quality of your life worth? It probably can’t be measured. Even if the cost to quit smoking cigarettes is $1000 it’s a small cost when you compare it to quality, longevity and vitality.
Secondly, […]

Cigarette filters

In 1925, inventor Boris Aivaz patented the process of making a cigarette filter from crepe paper, with some variants including cellulose wadding. Aivaz produced the first cigarette filter from 1927 in, but uptake was low due to a lack of the machinery required to produce cigarettes with the filtered tip.
From 1935, a British company began to develop a machine that made cigarettes incorporating the tipped filter. It was considered a specialty item until 1954, when manufacturers introduced the machine more broadly, following a spate of speculative announcements from doctors and researchers concerning a possible link between lung disease and smoking. […]

Darn!! Started Again!

Around about 5% of the clients that come to see us at Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes for quitting smoking cigarettes with hypnosis start smoking again. Why is this so? I have been doing some analysis of our clients and have come up with two main reasons why people who quit smoking with us using hypnosis start smoking again.
The first reason is that the client did not really want to stop smoking cigarettes. You would think that if somebody came to see us they really did want to quit. Everybody that smokes needs to quit smoking but not everybody wants […]


At Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes a lot of people come to see us in our Capalaba offices to quit smoking.
It’s when I ask the question of what do you get from smoking that I get some very common excuses. In the persons mind these are valid excuses but at the end of the day these excuses if not addressed it can make it very difficult to quit smoking. Here are some of the most common excuses:
• It’s a crutch, something that is always there for me. If someone were to come to you and say “I’ve got this great […]

Who are You?

One of the biggest difficulties that people have who quit smoking is to see themselves as non-smokers. When you can’t see yourself as a non-smoker then you can’t see the benefits of being a non-smoker.
When you have been smoking for a long time it becomes who you are and in effect when you decide to stop smoking cigarettes you are changing who you are. To change you have to consciously and subconsciously see that being a non-smoker has more advantages than being a smoker.
Consciously you may want to quit smoking cigarettes but if subconsciously you don’t want to then you […]

Quit it All

I get a lot of people that come to me to quit smoking who are smoking marijuana as well. They are either smoking with or without tobacco.

A common question asked of me is can they quit smoking cigarettes but continue to smoke marijuana. My answer to this is no. Smoking marijuana is no different to smoking tobacco.

Any form of smoking after you have stopped smoking cigarettes is just a trigger to start smoking cigarettes again. Smoking marijuana involves the same sort of breathing and often the same physical hand motions involved in smoking cigarettes, all the same triggers.

My advice is […]

Take Control

I had someone who was coming to see me to quit smoking cigarettes and they said that they were really nervous about it.

When I asked them why they were nervous about quit smoking they said to me that it was their crutch and they were afraid that they would fail.

Let’s look at this a little more closely. What they did not realise and what many people do not realise is the control that smoking cigarettes has. When you are relying on smoking to achieve relaxation, stress relief etc it means that you are giving control to your smoking habit.

What I […]