Electronic cigaretteElectronic cigarettes are gaining ground as people search for what they perceive is a healthier way to beat the habit of smoking. I get more and more clients at quit smoking in 60 minutes who have tried e-cigarettes in the hope of quitting smoking. The problem is that they do not quit, they just change the habit from smoking cigarettes to smoking e-cigarettes. I for one do not believe they are healthier if nicotine is involved. When are people going to wake up to the fact that nicotine is extremely poisonous and stresses your circulatory system.


While most researchers say e-cigarettes seem to be safer than combustible ones, they’re quick to add that research on the health impact of inhaling nicotine mixed with food-grade vapors is not yet known.

The key ingredients in the atomized vapours — propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin — are generally considered safe in food, but research is lacking on whether they are safe to inhale for the long haul.

The sale of e-cigarettes and the so-called flavourful “e-juices” containing nicotine are legal in the United States and Australia. Canada allows the sale of e-cigarettes, but bans the sale of e-juices containing nicotine.

Whether you smoke cigarettes or e-cigarettes you still have a habit that controls you. E-cigarettes may seem like the silver bullet to health but are they?

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