For any hypnosis to succeed in helping a person to quit smoking the client must be prepared to accept suggestions 100% no questions asked.

You have two minds; the conscious and the unconscious. The conscious mind is the questioning part of the mind and analyses things. The unconscious mind is where all the patterns are and it is like a 5-year-old, it will accept things with no question.
In hypnosis, the conscious mind is put to one side so that the hypnotist can give suggestions to the unconscious mind. If you question the suggestions being given to you then the conscious mind will take over and changes will not be made in the unconscious mind.
To quit smoking successfully there are two things that a person must have; the want to change and being willing to accept suggestions with no question.
You may say that I am a person who likes to be in control and I cannot do this. If that is your attitude, then you will not succeed in quitting smoking cigarettes. Accepting suggestions with no questions is not being out of control, it’s about allowing changes to be made in the unconscious mind so that you will stop smoking cigarettes.
To get the best results for quitting smoking using hypnosis get yourself in the mindset that you truly want to stop smoking and that you will accept suggestions with no questions.

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