Here are some great tips to increase the chances of you succeeding to quit smoking cigarettes.

Firstly, ensure that you are in the right mindset, you are going to stop smoking, before using hypnosis to quit smoking.

Secondly, make sure that you are fully alert and fresh before undertaking a quit smoking process with hypnosis. I recently had a truck driver who came to me after driving all night. He assured me that he was awake and alert, he wasn’t as he fell asleep during the hypnosis.

Now some may argue that it does not matter if he falls asleep as the subconscious does not sleep. I’ve been using hypnosis for a long time to help people quit smoking and it has been my experience that when people fall asleep it does not work.

Case in point is that the truck driver phoned me to say that he was still smoking. My fault, I should have made him come back after having a rest. During the hypnosis he fell deeply asleep and I had to wake him several times. He phoned me back after to say that he still had the urge to smoke, no real surprise. I had him come back when he was refreshed and alert and we were successful.

Thirdly, make sure that you have a really important reason why you want to stop smoking cigarettes. Probably the reason that is the least important is the cost. It might be a factor but if it is the most important factor you probably will not succeed. Smoking is expensive but you will always find money to pay for a pack of cigarettes.

If you are considering quitting these tips will help you to achieve success.

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