The other day I was speaking to another clinical hypnotherapist who said that you could not quit smoking in 60 minutes with hypnotherapy. As the Quit Smoking Expert i of course disagree. I base this on the fact that at my clinic in Capalaba I have a real success rate of about 95%. I base this statement on the follow up and research I have done with my clients.Breaking cigarette

The habit of smoking resides in the unconscious mind and by changing the programming in the unconscious mind we can help a person to quit smoking. The unconscious mind wants you to be healthy but with almost everyone who smokes the habit is associated with survival. Notice that I say that smoking is a habit, there is no addiction involved. The unconscious mind thinks that by allowing you to smoke it is connected with survival. Survival is a very strong instinct and that is why the habit of smoking can have such a strong hold.

The process in helping a person to quit smoking in 60 minutes is to first qualify that the person really wants to quit. From there it is a matter of using hypnosis to guide the person into a deep trance. Once this has been achieved then neuro linguistic programming is used to turn the habit of smoking cigarettes into a habit of breathing fresh air.

The essence of helping someone to quit smoking cigarettes in 60 minutes is to change one habit for another. The mind is a quick learner and once it can recognise that the benefit of breathing fresh air is stronger than smoking cigarettes it takes this new habit on.


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