Are You a Good Role Model for Your Children?

One of the many reasons why people decide to quit smoking is they are worried they are not being a good role model for their children.

Quit Smoking Expert

Children look up to their parents and mimic what they do. I have lost count of the number of people who have come to quit smoking because their child has been seen pretending to smoke cigarettes. Young Kids think everything you do is right and acceptable!  For the first seven years of their lives your child has no filters, what you do, say and teach them is ‘right’!  it builds the foundation of who they will become!

What Are You Teaching Your Children?

When you are smoking ‘to calm yourself’ when stressed or anxious, you teach your children that the best way to handle stress and anxiety is to ‘light up a smoke.’ Do you really want to teach your children this?

Smoking cigarettes in front of your children does not set a good example for the kids. Smoking cigarettes means you may not see your kids grow up. Eventually, smoking will affect your health, you know that.  This could mean you end up becoming a burden both physically and financially.

Your Body Repairs Quickly

As soon as you stop smoking your body starts repairing itself. So, quit smoking.  You want to enjoy fun times with your children and be sure you will be around when they grow up. So it make perfect sense to quit smoking so that you can enjoy a life full of vitality and longevity, doesn’t it?

Your job as a parent is to be the best role model for your children that you can be. No one can do this for you!  Your kids copy what they “see’ you do, not what you ‘say’  to do.

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