I can’t just quit

I get people coming to me to quit smoking cigarettes who say to me that their friend just decided to quit smoking and they were successful, why can’t they do it?

In reality the success rate for quitting smoking using willpower is less than 7%. In fact quitting like this has nothing to do with willpower and everything to do with your top values.

We all live our lives according to our top values and when we are fulfilling our top values we do not need motivation or willpower. Smoking has a direct effect on health so if health is not one […]

Change = Quit Smoking

I get a lot of people who come to me for quit smoking with the mindset that if they stop smoking cigarettes things will change.

They are right but have got things the wrong way around. The mindset should be that I want to change and by changing I will quit smoking cigarettes. It comes down to the question, do you want to change and are you prepared to do what it takes to change?

Like all things in life there is a positive and a negative. Some people regard change as positive and will embrace it whilst some regard it […]

Can smoking cigarettes lead to cocaine abuse?

It has long been thought that nicotine in tobacco products can act as a gateway drug, increasing a person’s likelihood of abusing cocaine and perhaps other drugs as well.
Most drug users report smoking cigarettes or alcohol abuse before trying drugs. This model has been very controversial as to whether smoking, alcohol or marijuana leads to later drug use.
In a current study by Columbia University, New York it was found that mice exposed to nicotine showed an increased response to cocaine. Researchers also studied humans to see if the results from mice paralleled the effect on humans. It was found that […]

I just can’t Quit!

I have had many people come to me for quit smoking and have said that they have given up drugs, some of them quite hard drugs, but they can’t seem to quit smoking.

I believe that this comes down to the fact that our brains are extremely primitive. As wonderful as the brain is there is still a lot of it that acts as if we are in the caveman times. If you are being chased by a great big sabre toothed tiger then your chances of survival are much better if you are in a group. Because of this there […]

It’s hard to quit smoking!!!

Many of us set a goal to quit smoking for the New Year. At first we go along fine with us telling ourselves that” we are not going to smoke”. As time goes by it gets harder and harder to not smoke a cigarette and eventually that little voice that tells us to smoke wins and we cave in.

Why does this happen? There are several reasons and one of them is that our unconscious mind cannot take in negatives. When we say we “are not going to smoke” the unconscious mind translates it to we” are going to smoke”.

You will […]

Urine today. Cancer tomorrow!

I was talking with a urologist last week when I had to go for an examination. One of the first things that he asked me was did I smoke?

I was intrigued by this and I asked him why he was so concerned about whether I smoked cigarettes or not. What he told me blew me away.

He told me that 90% of all bladder cancers that he saw were caused by smoking cigarettes. He said that when you smoke the toxins from the smoke enter your bloodstream. These toxins […]

Life is about choices

The other day I was listening on the radio to someone who was talking about their smoking habit and I thought that it was an excellent example of how our choices dictate our lives.

The person had said that he thought that smoking cigarettes defined who he was. He enjoyed smoking and nothing was going to make him quit smoking. Even when he had severe malaria and was seriously he continued to smoke. He said that he would drag himself outside and smoke a cigarette.

One day after an extremely […]

Some myths about smoking

I was just recently reading an article of how a university in America was going to ban smoking on campus. In the article the writer said that few or if any people gave up smoking after 26 because it was so addictive.
At Quit Smoking Expert here in Capalaba we help a lot of people to quit smoking cigarettes in 60 minutes. Because of this I think we are in a position to say that this is really not true at all.
What we have found is that the majority of people that come to us to quit smoking using hypnosis are […]

Don’t replace one bad habit with another

At Quit Smoking Expert people come to me to stop smoking cigarettes in 60 minutes. They think that once they have quit smoking they will have a healthy life. It’s not that simple.

Quitting smoking cigarettes is really just the beginning of leading a healthy life. Unfortunately a lot of people do not realise this and become disappointed. One of the really bad habits that I frequently encounter is the substitute of food for smoking.

It is a complete myth that you substitute food for smoking. It is a choice […]

Stuff Health I Want to Smoke!

I had an interesting case last week from a client who came to see me at Quit Smoking in 60 Minutes in Capalaba.

The client had a heart attack and as a result he quit smoking. He had quit for two years but came to see me because he was getting cravings to smoke again. It was so bad that he was avoiding having any contact with anyone that was smoking. Since most of his workmates were smokers he was avoiding them and getting a reputation of being anti-social.

What was […]