Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Brisbane: Does It Really Works?

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy Brisbane: Does It Really Works?

Most smokers are already aware that they shouldn’t do it. Thanks to the bundles of information around us. Every message clearly states that direct harm is caused by smoking. It affects our body, vital organs, and overall health.

The secondary damages are passive smoking for the people around smokers and the cost associated when buying cigarette packets or treating complications caused by smoking. The answer to all this is a visit to Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy In Brisbane. Most smokers think giving up smoking isn’t easy but once they investigate using hypnosis they are surprised at how easy it is.

How proper hypnosis […]

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Special Facts About Selecting Quit Smoking Treatment Brisbane

Special Facts About Selecting Quit Smoking Treatment Brisbane

The number of smokers in Queensland continues to increase at a faster rate than in other states or territories in Australia. This shock finding has been released by the Australian Institute Of Health and Welfare. Is it now time to think about an effective  Quit Smoking Treatment for people in Brisbane before it’s too late. Whether it’s active or passive, smoking is always harmful to health.

What gains can you achieve from a quitting smoking treatment?

About health:

According to the expert surgeons in Brisbane, quitting smoking is essential for a smoker wanting to improve their health.  When a person quits, his/her body […]

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Smart & Genuine Non-Smoking Tips From Recognised Quit Smoking Rehab

Smart & Genuine Non-Smoking Tips From Recognised Quit Smoking Rehab

Smoking is one the leading cause of increased death score in Brisbane. According to the experts in the health industry, Quit Smoking Rehab in Brisbane is doing a great job by preventing people from smoking through a holistic approach. The hypnosis therapy is working like wonder and lots of smokers are able to stay back from smoking in the wake of leading a healthy lifestyle.

Be honest to yourself

Apart from going to a rehab there are other smart tips provided from the experts which can help you to stay away from smoking. Now, as per the leading quit smoking Brisbane hypnotherapy […]

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Why Do Smokers Don’t Like The Word “Quit Smoking”?

Why Do Smokers Don’t Like The Word “Quit Smoking”?

There is a scientific reason behind, when it comes to finding the answer for this question. Smokers don’t like the word “Quit Smoking” because it’s simple and most smokers have been ‘convinced’ qutting is hard!  Smokers know nicotine is addictive, but what they don’t realise is the sugar in cigarettes is far more addictive and that is what causes their cravings and withdrawal symptoms.   Sugar is similar to heroin or cocaine as an addictive substance.

Cigarettes are Too Easy to Buy

Adults can stroll into a drug store and get a pack of cigarettes even though it is a known drug and […]

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How to Quit Smoking for Good

The negative health effects of smoking are well documented. Long term smoking significantly increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. It’s also a major contributing factor of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) – a group of lung conditions that result in bronchitis and emphysema.

Smoking is so damaging to the body that the CDC estimates that smokers cut their life expectancy by at least 10 years shorter than non-smokers. Yet even if you’re aware of these facts you might find it almost impossible to resist lighting up. Why? Because nicotine – the main ingredient in cigarettes – is incredibly addictive […]

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It’s not just lung cancer

When people think of diseases associated with smoking cigarettes they often think of lung cancer or heart disease. Whilst these are the most known diseases it is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are some of the lesser known diseases caused by smoking:

• Cancer: bladder, liver, colorectal, cervical
• Diabetes
• Erectile dysfunction
• Ectopic pregnancy
• Vision loss
• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Stroke
• Weakening of bones
• Hearing loss
• Poor circulation
• Crohn’s disease
• Acid reflux

This is by no means the entire list of diseases caused by smoking. The question is, given the fact that we know that smoking destroys our health why in most cases […]

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How Much Does Being Healthy Cost?

Healthy vs Sickness

How much does being healthy cost us?   Actually, not a lot!   Unless……..    Unless we have made some poor choices in the past!

What do I mean by that?   Well, as children, we don’t like vegetables, but love dessert!   We’d rather eat a cake or a biscuit than an apple!  Ask any parent and you have a 75% chance they will tell you they don’t like mealtimes because of the battle to get kids to eat healthy foods.  For some parents, especially nowadays when both parents are working and time is very short in the evenings, takeaways are an […]

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Stop Smoking Quickly

I recently received an email from a client of mine!  She said, “Hi Steve it’s been over two and a half years since you helped me to stop smoking.  I have the odd thought of a cigarette but I do nothing about it. Thank you.”
This made my day as she had been smoking for 50 years, 30 to 40 cigarettes a day.

Smoking Habit

People ask me how is it possible to stop smoking so quickly! How can you change such a long-ingrained habit with one session of hypnosis? Hypnosis allows you to move the critical part of the mind, the conscious […]

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The Cost of Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes has a cost that can be easily seen and not so easily seen. There are three main areas that come as a cost from smoking: financial, physical health, mental health.

Smoking cigarettes in Australia is very expensive. The average smoker in Australia will spend about $ 8500 per year. The biggest problem is that this cost is only paid out in small amounts every time you buy a pack of cigarettes. Despite this people do see the cost and this is probably one of the things that is most mentioned when someone wants to quit smoking.

The break down of […]

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Are You Too Confused to Stop Smoking?

There are so Many Ways to Stop Smoking

These days, everyone is an Expert!  Everyone has the best way to stop smoking!  The Government or health department insists that Nicorette patches, sprays chewing gums or pills or potions are the answer.  But are they?

These days there are the infamous e-cigarettes.  When smoking isn’t really smoking!  Really, there is still nicotine,  You are still sucking on a ‘cigarette’,  it still has control over you, and it is still doing harm to your body.  Think about it,  how long did it take for the ‘public’ to know about the harmful affects of nicotine!  […]

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